MSU vs. NW

On Saturday I got to cover the Michigan State vs. Northwestern football game at Spartan Stadium…by far my favorite story yet. This was my first time covering a college football game and I learned a lot and enjoyed my experience.

MSU vs. NW

Once I finally made my way to the field after all of the security checkpoints and directions, etc., I set up on the sideline next to other familiar faces and reporters. It’s safe to say I got my workout in the for the day between running up and down the sideline and holding a camera up the whole game. I saw everyone from the players, to Tom Izzo on the sidelines, an exciting part for me, I must admit.

At first it was hard keeping track of the ball and making sure other reporters/people weren’t cutting my shot off, but I eventually got the hang of it.

At half time we set up our tripods in the press conference trailer, and made our way to the sandwich table. All of us reporters looked like hungry lions moving through the sandwich line.

By the second half of the game I had the hang of things more and knew where to be on the field.

The entire experience was great in terms of networking, learning and fun. I can’t wait to be down there again.

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