OEF Banquet


Last week, I attended the Okemos Education Foundations’ banquet. The banquet was held in honor of outstanding staff and faculty members in the Okemos school system. The choosen recipients of these awards were honored with plaques, speeches, and a very elegantly decorated event.

The event was held at the Country Club of Lansing. As I rode around trying to find the club I made a turn from Martin Luther King Blvd, which is definitely a urban area to say the least, and as I turned the area transformed into this beautiful community with homes that belonged on Housewives of Beverly Hills. I stopped and asked a woman walking her dog if this was the country club, she replied “No, this is my neighbors’ house.” Driving away a little embarrassed and shocked at how huge the house was I found the club.

The County Club was very beautiful and as I walked in there was a quartette of students playing the violin. The atmosphere was very elegant and the interaction between the guest was genuine and loving.

Some teachers went to the podium and gave humorous speeches and thanked everyone for the nominations. The catering and help was very nice as well.

This was definitely a snazzy event.

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