Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Probably not.

Chances are, if you, as a Meridian Township resident, make any emergency calls this coming year, it will be to the police or fire department (maybe the poison control center, but definitely not to the aforementioned Ghostbusters). While that might seem to be a scary fact, you should probably be glad that you’re not encountering ghosts.

In a recent interview, Fred Cowper, the Fire Chief of Meridian Township, mentioned that this year has yeilded a whopping 1,000 more calls than in 2008. To meet this demand, an influx of new part-time firefighters has occurred.

These part-time employees are typically on duty during the busiest times. Cowper says that all of these employees are qualified to be career firefighters, and if the opportunity arises, they may actually acquire such positions. One part-timer has already moved up into a career position.

If you take anything away from this story, it should be that you’re in good hands (not like the all-state commercials suggest because insurance usually gets involved AFTER the fire or police officers come to your house).

I ain’t afraid of no ghos….eh, em…fire!

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