Fall Bug ID Day

So anyone that knows me knows that I am NOT a fan of bugs, especially large ones. I mean, how could anyone find anything fascinating about such dirty filthy creepy crawly things??? I mean seriously??? Gross!!! So it was pretty ironic that someone like me would be going to an event where bugs are the central theme. Well, that’s just what I did for the 2012 Mid-MEAC Fall Bug ID Day.

Over 60 volunteers came out on Saturday, November 10th to collect different species of bugs from local streams to help find out just how healthy those streams are. Apparently, a stream’s health can be based on the species of bugs that live in them. Who knew? Well, I definitely didn’t until that day. But apparently the thing is that if there aren’t enough variance in the number of species of bugs available in certain streams, that area can be very unhealthy and very hazardous. Never knew that bugs could determine health. And here I was thinking that the presence of any sort of bugs means that the area is dirty.

Well, I’ll let the local streams have their health be determined by bugs and nature. I’ll just take my chances by staying away from bugs so that I can remain health.

Just saying…lol.

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