Consumers Energy Visits Meridian Senior Center

My assignment was to do a story for Senior Living on ways to save energy in the home and ways for seniors to get assistance in the winter months heating their home.

I first called the Senior Center to see if there was someone I could talk to and they told me that Consumers Energy was actually coming to speak at lunch the following week!  This was perfect because I was also trying to get an interview with Consumers Energy!

So, we postponed the story so I could cover his speech.

I will also add that this was my first time going to the Meridian Senior Center. This is crazy because we go there all the time and I have somehow gone since January without going!

Let me say I had a wonderful experience and was there for almost three hours!  I got there early to set up, then I filmed Chris Thelen’s speech.  Afterwards I interviewed Thelen then wanted to get an interview with a senior.  Well, the lady who was most involved and asked the most questions during the speech had Bingo to play immediately following the speech. However, she told me that she would talk to me afterwards so I was excited and said I would be happy to wait.

Which I was because I discovered the library at the Senior Center and was immediately drawn to the journalism section and ended up finding two books I really wanted to read!  The Senior Center director said I was welcome to check them out!!  So, I ended up staying throughout all of Bingo enjoying the library and my new books.  One of them is an autobiography of Leslie Stahl, a 60 minutes reporter that I really like.

Afterwards I had a wonderful interview and conversation with Pattie Bass. Overall, great experience, and I hope more seniors tune in to Senior Living.

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