Fall is over, people

So the season has changed again, bringing to mind that old Byrds song called “turn, turn, turn.” What a great tune! It’s unbelievably warm outside considering that it’s now December, but despite that fact, I’m seeing more and more Christmas trees and lights going up around town.

Part of my last assignment was to do a recap on fall activities. It was, well, sort of like pulling teeth. People tend to not want to talk about their past unless it involves something not appropriate for a news show (i.e. halloween debauchery and tragedies in their families). I put it together, regardless of how many people refused to speak to me.

I think that interviewing people about fall actually made me realize that I don’t really enjoy it. I like winter for about two weeks (the weeks when Christmas and New Years Eve occur), but I am really just a fanatic of spring and summer. I cannot wait until the snow melts, trees start to grow buds and flowers pop out of the ground. What I like even more is the smell of sunscreen and boat fuel. Odd? Probably.

Anyway, catch the fall activities story on Changing Seasons (the show is pretty awesome).

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 1.19.58 AM

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