New Years Fireworks in Meridian Township


You never know how hard something is until you try it twice. First time around you are just testing the waters, but the second time you know what you don’t know. Needless to say there is a lot I don’t know about animation software. I worked primarily with a program called motion, and to say the least it is a beast. You have to control three dimensional objects in a two dimensional plane. Which is basically like trying to learn how to make a sandhill crane using origami techniques for the first time. Granted I had a mentor to teach me where to fold and crease the paper, but there is only so much you can learn before you take a leap of faith and try for yourself. In this project I learn a lot about virtual camera work. Switching between two camera and making sure the camera follows an object in a stable fashion is something that can’t be easily learned, but two cups coffee and a few youtube tutorials later: Presto: Promo.  Each line took forever. And now when I watch television I can think of my many hours that they put in. Though I am sure to still be annoyed by highly flashy ads about cars and things of that nature.

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