Seinfield in Action!!!

Ok. So no, I didn’t really go onto a set of Seinfield. However, I did get to find out about a new law that is making one of the sitcom’s most memorable episodes come to life. There was an episode where Kramer and Newman took a ton of cans and bottles and filled up a mail truck with them in hopes of crossing over into a state where they could redeem them for the deposit paid for in the stores.

Beverage Deposits IllegalWell, in 2008, there was a Michigan law that was approved where the above scenario was illegal. The law stated that only beverage cans and bottles that had been purchased in the state of Michigan could also be redeemed for the $.10 deposit. Failure to comply to that rule was illegal. However, as of last Thursday, a federal appeals court struck down that law, saying that Michigan is illegally affecting interstate commerce with that law.

Now personally, I don’t go from state to state enough to go out of my way to redeem the container for an extra $.10. Now, if I were in a state where I couldn’t get the deposit, I’m not about to load up a mail truck and travel across the country to redeem them either. Rather, I would simply invest in the art of recycling. I don’t really think that Michigan will lose that much money if out of state consumers redeem those cans. Besides, isn’t recycling the best anyway?

Just saying…

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