So while attending the Planning Commission meeting last week, I came across an article from the New York Times titled, “Give Pot A Chance”. Gee. I wonder what that could be about. And sure enough, it was about good ol’ Mary Jane, but had a bit of a different twist on it.

The article voiced concerns about how there are some states that are reconsidering putting people in jail for being in possession of marijuana. Prosecutors in Washington and Colorado had come forward and stated that they were immediately dropping cases against people in possession of the drug. What’s the reason? Well, it seems that more states are starting to not find people in possession of the drug as much of a threat as murderers, thieves and child molesters, just to name a few. Do I agree? Well, yes.

In last week’s PC metting, there was a topic of discussion regarding whether or not the township needs to put regulations on medical marijuana usage. Well, one of the board members came forward and passionately voiced how medical marijuana shouldn’t be put in the same category as other dangerous substances such as alcohol, heroine, and cocaine to name a few. The clerk stated that from the time that dispensaries had been closed (2011) to now, there have been no emails, calls, complaints, or voiced issues from residents stating that care givers and patients that use and grow medical marijuana for health reasons are an issue in the township. It was stated that those citizens that do consume medical marijuana for health reasons seem to follow the rules and regulations behind the usage of the drug and therefore, no further regulations need to be put into place.

Now personally, I don’t consume in the drug at all. But I feel that until medical marijuana shows a sign of destroying today’s youth and society, just let the issue be laid to rest.

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