Taking Something from Nothing


During my time on my final solo project at HOMTV I still learned a few things. The most important was something a friend taught me. At HOMTV we learn to listen to one another and work as a group. I give a little advice to someone, they give a little to someone else, and then it comes back to me and so forth. We gain knowledge and experience from one another and because of it we turn out a better product and are better people because of it. At work, as it is in life in general, we find ourselves not always listening to others not because we are bad people, but simply because sometimes we think we have already gained enough knowledge from our peers. Yet even if we think the person is about to tell you something you already know, just let them tell you. This is my New Years resolution: listen to everyone around you. In this project I did, and I think it turned out better because of the help of others. And this isn’t the only one. At HOMTV we learn to learn from one another and seeing as this semester is coming to an end and I am still learning I’m sure every minute as been worth it.

With this project I took someone else’s footage that wasn’t what I would have shot and molded it. Then with a few helpful pointers from others it became better. It just shows you how you can make something from nothing. And the same can be said at HOMTV, I went from knowing nothing about Television and Broadcasting to something… well more than something.

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