Finding my new HOM.

Hello! Welcome to my first ever blog post! woohoo! To start this off let me introduce myself. My name is Natalie Nako and I am a rookie reporter intern her at HOMTV for the Summer ’13. I am super excited about this internship and to see what interesting things I will get myself into. I am currently a senior at Central Michigan University (FIRE UP CHIPS) where I am an overachiever with a double major in Broadcast Cinematic Arts and Communication. When I finally grow up and find a job I will be a news reporter in some local market.

So far here at HOMTV, the one thing that I have learned is how to use Final Cut X. I am used to using other types of editing systems and this one is a lot easier. I have also just been relearning a lot my skills I already knew, which is a good refresher.I am super excited for the rest of the Summer here at HOMTV!

You can follow me on Facebook to see all my great stories I will be putting together. And if you can’t get enough of me follow me on twitter @natnako.


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