Learning the Lingo



Hello, world.  

I am Merinda Valley. I’m a junior studying journalism, Arabic and International Development at Michigan State University, a Nutella lover and a polyglot, but here at HOMTV I go by “rookie reporter.”

My desire to cultivate a career in international journalism and deliver news from all corners of the globe brought me to my internship at HOMTV. And HOMTV has taught me that, at least for a little while, I don’t know it all.

Panasonic XLR10-whatevers, Final Cut Pro X, EZ News, FibreJet—just a few of the operations that I was completely clueless about when I signed up for my journalistic adventure in Meridian Township. Success in the internship, and maybe even in the wider realm of digital reporting, hinges on my proficiency with these tools.

Wish me luck.

I’m serious.

I need it.

I hope I can pick up on this, the latest and most difficult language that I’ve attempted to become fluent in. I’ll use all my time and elbow grease to produce impactful news stories, zero in on my TV voice and add a few likes to my fan page.   

Maybe by the end of August I’ll be pronouncing VO/SOT (translation here) like broadcast is my native tongue.


An actual multilingual genius:

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