Starting out on the right foot

Hey everyone,

My name is Joe Gebhardt.  I am a senior at Central Michigan University working towards a degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts. HOMTV recently decided to give me a chance to become and grow as a reporter.  Great news because I’ve always wanted to work in broadcasting.  That’s not really something a person can just start doing.  You must develop the required skills that come with the industry and the good people of HOMTV are here to help.

So far I am learning quite a bit.  At the start of my time here at HOMTV nearly everything thrown my way was like learning the hardest foreign language.  I am starting from scratch when it comes to TV news.  I’ve never picked up a camera, shot film, and made a story.  Very scary at first but something that gets easier with time.  One of the more complicated things for me is Final Cut X.  Getting hands on experience with that vital program has lessened my anxiety towards editing my projects.  The more that time moves on through summer, I know I’ll become more comfortable with everything.

Here’s to a good summer! Go Tigers.





About Joe Gebhardt

Recent graduate of Central Michigan University.
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