Meet the Morgster…





I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all my pals and future friends who are taking the time to follow my blog. I request your patience and support as you monitor my progress. Until last month I had never even used a camera and I am now filming stories!

It’s crazy… I just decided to go back to school last January after years in retail management. I have also worked for restaurants, camps and day cares and achieved professional recognition in each field. At the core of my success has been my genuine curiosity of people. I believe everyone has a unique story and I want to hear them all! 

What’s crazier… is the amount of time it has taken me to decide on a career that not only allows me to be curious, but pays me to ask questions. My mind is set on reporting, which may additionally give me a chance to utilize my assorted passions for politics, travel and fashion. 

What’s craziest… my love of cats (Just kidding, although Lady Meow Meow and my husband may strongly disagree). The craziest and most exciting part of my life is what I am doing right now. I am steering my life in an all new direction and truly enjoying the change of scenery. I am extremely fortunate to have two amazing opportunities to learn and grow within the broadcast news industry, one as a Production Assistant at Michigan’s Big Show and the other as a Rookie Intern at HOMTV.

Now that we are closer friends or possibly new friends, please take the time to follow me on twitter @morganlynnhall and check out my facebook fan page!

Until next time, cheerio!

Yours Truly,









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