Completely Obnoxious Intern

So when first learning to write children are often taught to write what they know, this is what I know. My name is Casey Krist and I am a rookie intern at HOMTV. My experiences at HOMTV so far have been interesting, learning new things everyday, such as… 

1. When going to shoot footage ALWAYS I repeat ALWAYS bring bug spray!! 

2. Make sure to ask Bryan as many questions as possible during a shift.. he LOVES it! 

3. Speak nicely to Final Cut Pro upon opening.. I tend to have better luck with it that way

4. And last but certainly not least…Just have fun! 

I recently recieved the title completely obnoxious from he who must not be named (aka Bryan) and I’m actually quite fond of it so I will take it with stride. I love to make people laugh and I suppose the best way that I know how to do that is to be completely obnoxious. I also love editing and as a promotion intern I get to do lots of that.. YAY! So as I continue my journey at HOMTV I hope you readers out there will stick with me to hear about my latest tasks and or hilarious things I do around the office! 


Stay Tuned! 



About ckrist16

My name is Casey Krist, I am a graduating senior from Michigan State University with a major in Telecommunications Information Studies & Media. I thrive in video production work; editing, directing, producing, and even some acting. I also dabble with graphic design! I love creating something new and initiative. Making people think twice and changing perspectives.
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