Keeping my Roommates Awake

Perhaps it was a bit ambitious to write a storyboard with actors for my first promotional spot for HOMTV, but it just sounded like fun and I figured, hey, I know actors, this shouldn’t be too hard.

Well this was true and not true, as actors have lives and commitments too, who knew! But after a little bit of scheduling I was able to get the gang together last night (Monday June 11th) and we started shooting!

Katie arrived right as I got back from an event at HOMTV and was making a grilled PB&J (an old family recipe).  Once Andrew arrived we ran up to my room and got the everything set up to shoot!

Luckily my taste in bedding and stuffed animals allowed even a college student’s room on campus to believable house children.ImageAlthough I had warned my housemates about the shoot, I may have left out the howling that would come from my room but I figured hey, it’s college! No one goes to bed before midnight anyway! (I’m only kidding, I always try to be courteous to the people I live with and around.)

Spencer arrived and was a big help with the shots of just Andrew and Katie before we started shooting with the three of them.  ImageI don’t happen to know anyone on campus with a dog, so I had come to the sad conclusion that the dog leash portion of the piece was out of the question.  Katie, however, insisted I ask my roommates, just in case.  Turns out, Dannielle has several leashes for her cats and bunny!  They were perfect and I got the shots I wanted!

Ultimately I thought the shoot went great, especially for my first one!  It was so much fun and I could not have been working with better people.  Spencer, Andrew, and Katie were huge helps as more than actors, and I really don’t think I could have had more fun with anyone else!

Take a look at the finished product!

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