Two Projects, One Due Date, Three Headaches

I worked on two stories for the first time in my young career.  Two stories you say to yourself? Piece of cake.  Not for me.  I learned the hard way that waiting until the last minute may have worked for your high school history exam.  Not so much if your putting together two solid pieces of work for HOMTV.

On the brightside, I learned how fast I could work.  I was able to gather a lot of information on two separate subjects: 1) Invasive Plants/Weeds and 2) Housing Developments.  If anyone is wondering what invasive plats I’m talking about, look up a picture of the Giant Hogweed.

Fortunately, I wasn’t able to find any in the area even though I really could have used a picture of this 12 foot tall massive, yet dangerous plant.  Who knew that coming in contact with a simple plant could cause side-effects such as photo-dermatitis, which is a severe burn to your skin and even blindness.  Needless to say, I was pretty thankful I didn’t have to dive into the weeds to find the ever evasive Hogweed Plant.

Housing Developments.  I’m not a student at Michigan State University.  From the looks of it, I’m missing out on some great housing.   The Planning Commission is in talks to create a new phase of buildings called Hannah Lofts.  These plans are still in the works.   They’ll be by the Lodges which are beautiful.  Compared to my apartment up at Central Michigan, it looks like current Spartans may be living in luxury here in Meridian Township Area.

If you want more information on these couple stories visit these two links:


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Recent graduate of Central Michigan University.
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