Your Respect is Much Appreciated, Sir

Journalists are notorious for being annoying, pushy, and in unfortunate cases, incorrect. We are “the media.” No matter how personable and respectful we are, or how accurate our work is, we have to live under that general, negative label.

As a young journalist, I often deal with people who won’t take me seriously because of my age, or my lack of affiliation with CNN. I don’t mind, though. I know that challenges like those are inherent in journalism; I’m down with them.


But I am always reinvigorated by the positive experiences that I have while covering a story. Case in point, my report on Meridian Township’s new fire ambulance. My source drove me to the place I was filming, modeled all the features of the ambulance for me, and left me with a little gem that I’ll hold onto for hard times in the field:

“Thank you for what you do. Thank you for reporting on us.”

I’ve heard similar lines before, but man, they never get old.


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