Long Hair, Don’t Care


I’m glad that I’m not too shaken by what people think of me.

With armloads of equipment and business attire, I usually stick out from the arms-free, denim-wearing crowd when covering my assignments. Once I set up my camera and start talking to it, there’s no longer a chance that I’m incognito.

People honk, stare, question and scream—on Friday I actually jumped when a passerby sent a shrill war cry my way. Sometimes, I think people question my motives. While I was covering the youth Hershey Track and Field Meet, a parent greeted me with the Evil Eye,

Creepy Evil Eye, no?

and then proceeded to follow me around the entire track.

Am I really that threatening? I mean, I don’t even have a creeper mustache…

Luckily for me, my realizations about peoples’ curious/nosy/once-in-a-while-pretty-rude reactions to my news gathering came while I was walking toward the tennis courts for a quick match, instead of while I was shooting footage and conducting interviews.

Clearly, I don’t care too much, so thanks to the powers that be. If I got stressed out every time a person craned their neck to figure out what I was doing, I’d never finish anything.

Take a look at the piece I produced while not paying attention to people!

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