On the Wrong Side? Don’t be a Baby.

The closest thing to being a rookie is being a toddler, I’ve decided.

This theory played itself out as I covered the Save Michigan’s Public Schools rally at the Capitol last Wednesday.

I walked onto the Capitol Lawn more than an hour before the rally was scheduled to begin. I was trying to be professional and prepared, and all that stuff, you know? As I set up my camera, I caught the tail end of a petition-signing event, and got pulled into a conversation about the effects of fracking in Michigan.

Okay, fast-forward, this is getting long-winded…

Twenty minutes before the event began, I began to realize the connection between myself (a.k.a. a rookie) and a little, precious 2-year-old.

Me: “Why am I the only camera on this side?”

Me: “Why are all the other cameras on the opposite side?”

Me: “Is this side weird? What’s weird about this side?”

Me: “Am I weird?”

Kids are completely content—if not ridiculously confident—until they discover something that they’re unsure of. Then they feel like their world has been turned upside down, and they cry for their mommas.

My situation was a microcosm of that, but I never cried. And I grew up quickly.

After I made peace with my choice of camera locations, I spoke with one of the organizers of the rally, met a handful of mayors and senators, and got a taste of what it’s like to film an event that is unfolding around me in all directions.

I think that qualifies as LinkedIn-worthy experience, so I’m satisfied with that day’s work.


Watch my footage of the rally on Meridian Magazine, or read my article about it!


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