It’s Too Hot!!

Let me tell ya something; I’m half Irish. My skin is 100% Irish. That means my skin doesn’t tan. On the contrary, that means my skin goes from pasty white to full-out red if I’m outside for too long.

So when I was assigned to shoot a story on heat exhaustion, my first thought was “Please God, don’t let me burn”.

As for the story itself, while most of the points seem rather obvious, they’re still worth repeating. If you plan on exercising outside, be it by going for a run, playing football, basketball, baseball, etc., make sure you stay hydrated and take good care of your body.

I used to umpire Little League games back in my hometown, and too often I saw kids who needed to be pulled out of the game because they weren’t drinking enough water.

Playing/exercising outdoors can be a lot of fun, but make sure you stay safe first!


About dilworth269

I'm a rising senior at Michigan State University who loves to both talk and watch sports. My goal in life is to become a sports broadcaster. One more thing.. GO GREEN!
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