Putting Text on Screen, Difficulty Level: Difficult


For my second promotional spot I was assigned to promote the Citizen’s Academy put on by our township.  My first thought was, of course, dear lord does that mean I have to talk to police?  

I ended up not having to, but I know my fears were irrational, it’s just that the protectors of our community can sometimes seem intimidating from a distance.

But no, what I should have feared was much, much more intimidating.

It seems such a simple concept, and, at a glance, thisImageseems so simple.

Simple in ascetics, perhaps, but simple in execution, not likely.

Once I finally coaxed those titles into fading in and out in a somewhat acceptable mannor, I began work on the title that would go at the end.

The challenge here: color matching.

Finding this shade of blue


in this color wheel


Is comparative to finding the 86 year old in a sea of 87 year olds.

It was hard, but in the end I was close enough to be OF VERY HIGH QUALITY.  Because of course HOMTV only accepts the best 

Take a look at the promotional spot and see how close I got!

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