Merry Half Christmas: “Darkus, the pale-skinned intern, had a very pasty glow…”

Call me crazy, but lurking around the halls of the municipal building in the early morning hours is not so bad. There are times, though, when I hear a door creak or a fan come on that I legitimately freak myself out, but then I come back to reality and realize that the scariest thing in the building – is me.

I’m unbelievably pale skinned, one of my nicknames is Glow-in-the-Darkus, and I am a night-owl. Because of these three factors, encountering me at night in a dark uninhabited building might lead one to scream aloud. No worries, though. I can withstand high pitched shrieks quite easily (I used to sit next to a piccolo player for years on end).

So, you want to know why I’m telling you this, eh? Well, my point is, I spend a lot of time at HOMTV. A couple weeks ago, I was here from noon until 5:00 a.m. and I’m gearing up to pull those kinds of day/night shifts again. I say this mainly because I’ve got five shows to produce and/or direct and technical direct and/or post-produce within the next month. I’m excited about having more material for my resume and future website, but the many tasks seem a bit overwhelming (and yes, scary).

If I’ve learned anything about myself over the last year, it’s that I can take it. I haven’t failed at it yet and that’s because I don’t allow myself to. The more experiences I put myself through, the better off I will be, the better off the shows will be, and the better off HOMTV will be.

Watch my demo-reel:

Don’t forget to have yourself a merry little half Christmas, either.

IMG_20130622_0001_NEW (2)
This is me and my Grandma on actual Christmas
back in 1994. Can you imagine encountering me
in the hallway at this age? Creepy.

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