Oh, The Places I went Last Friday!

All week I was busy making telephone calls!

My story had changed.

The responses came slow,

I even looked for people to interview at Meridian Township malls!

Slowly but surely people started to call me back!

So many people, I had to cover two full stories

With little time,

It was a project I didn’t think I could hack!

I first met the GM of Tannin, the new Italian restaurant in town,

I got to check out his place,

Admire what he did with the space,

And receive a new contact, which I quickly tracked down.

I headed to the farm where the restaurant will get their meat

I was greeted by curly haired pigs,

That looked like they were wearing sheep wigs,

It was entertaining and a truly unique treat!

I wanted three interviews; I just needed one more,

Possibly a local business?

I ended up at Orvis of Okemos,

The place next door!

By the end of the day, I had everything I needed,

Three great interviews,

Three great experiences,

I would say, that I succeeded!

Check out my latest labor of love!





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