This Little Piggy Went to the Meridian Farmers’ Market

Good food, great people, grand day… not enough parking.

Although I am excited to share the unofficial slogan that I just created to summarize the delightful experience I had at last weekends Meridian Farmers’ Market with you, I am not as jazzed to report that I participated in an exhausting round of “musical cars” with other Market enthusiasts, as we competed for the coveted parking space prize.

After a few laps and numerous fake-outs, I found a space to call my own…for a few hours anyway. I was slightly frustrated by what I assumed was a total waste of my “valuable time”, but ironically happy to experience what many vendors and patrons told me was their biggest market pet peeve, later that day.

My irritation was suddenly tabled, when I stepped out of my car and witnessed theMeridian Farmers’ Market in all of its glory. A vast variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, sweets and treats accompanied by proud vendors that looked just as welcoming as their goods…I was in heaven!

It was by far the largest farmers market I have ever attended, which may be why I momentarily forgot my purpose for being there in the first place. I was supposed to cover a story on different grants that would help update the facility, but I could smell pastries, cookies and kettle corn (my favorite, as you may remember from myCelebrate Downtown Okemos blog) and I knew if I didn’t indulge in a quick snack my stomach would be louder than my voice.

I tried to snap out of my food trance as I setup equipment for my first interview. It was just like Mission Impossible…minus the spy gadgets, violence and well I guess the general plot, but it was a rigorous challenge nonetheless! Fascinated by what my interviewee had to say, I came back down to earth just long enough to capture some great shots and obtain a few useful quotes.

I was one interview down and had one more to go. Next I had the privilege of meeting Sandra Stone, a lovely women that sold her leftover garden vegetables at the first ever Meridian Farmers’ Market 40-years ago and still continues to share her produce there today. A line of eager customers formed while I was talking to her, so I quickly finished my questions, thanked her for her time and packed up my equipment.

While walking back to my car Eric Carmen’s Hungry Eyes shifted to number one on my internal play list, as a gourmet egg roll became the object of my desire. I quickly ran to the ATM, played another round of “musical cars” and purchased a few delicious, worth-while treats, making this Little Piggy glad she went to the Meridian Farmer’s Market!



Check out my labor of love!

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