Grab a Tissue if you have an Issue

Yesterday, I came across a plethora of issues.  I started the day with tons of motivation.  I was going to get a lot of my work accomplished.   Things were looking bright and the upside was seemingly full of sunshine.

When I’m in a hurry sometimes I get tunnel vision and I don’t recall every bit of detail that’s surrounding me.  I grabbed an interview with a really nice man, Mr. Hugh McNichol.  He seems so enthusiastic about his work with the Kiwanis Club.  Someday, I hope I can match said enthusiasm.  I digress.  After coming back to the HOMTV studios here in Okemos and was getting ready to bang out a project, I noticed I was missing something.

We’ve all been there.  Maybe you misplace your keys, your wallet, etc . . .How about losing a pack full of audio equipment?

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 1.32.06 PM


It was down pouring during our interview.  That should have been an omen.  I spent over an hour looking for this backpack full of vital information.  If I lose it, not only am I hurting myself but hurting all of the other interns at HOMTV.  Not good.  I spent over an hour looking for this  elusive backpack, going door to door at business asking if they’ve seen a backpack.  Each with the answer “no” and usually a confused look on their faces.

On my way home, it turns out one of the other interns had taken the audio equipment.  I don’t think I could have been more relieved in my life.  Thank you, Colin.  Thank you.

Going back to Mr. McNichol if you are interested in bearing a flag in your yard check out this story:



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