George Murphy the 3rd

My next promotional slot was for the Meridian Photography Contest! This involved getting footage outdoors of our lovely Meridian parks. Now the parks are lovely, they are beautiful, but the mosquitoes are wretched, and of course I forgot my bug spray.

I was determined to turn my day around and recruited a friend to help me do so. My friend’s name is George. George Murphy the 3rd if you want to be exact. I enlisted his help to be my actor, I had envisioned him calmly kayaking down a river. And this was not going to be easy.

Things We Needed:

Kayak. CHECK.

Paddle. CHECK.



We had everything we needed besides ropes to tie the kayak down to my car. So we went to the store and bought some rope. The problem did not stop there. The ropes were not long enough, so George and I decided to get a little creative. We ended up tying dog leashes to the end of the rope, and finally, it was long enough. So we were on our way! But not quite… George forgot the paddle.. So take two! We were on our way.. again! And nothing could stop us now!

We made our way to Ferguson Park and with a few bumps along the way we had made it! Getting the footage took about half the time the trip took but all that hard work paid off. I was happy with my promo and George was happy to get his fifteen minutes of fame!



About ckrist16

My name is Casey Krist, I am a graduating senior from Michigan State University with a major in Telecommunications Information Studies & Media. I thrive in video production work; editing, directing, producing, and even some acting. I also dabble with graphic design! I love creating something new and initiative. Making people think twice and changing perspectives.
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