So when first asked to do a promotional ad for the National Night Out Celebration, I was intrigued. What was National Night Out? Why had I never heard of the celebration? And who the heck was McGruff?!

As I continued my journey of trying to find footage of the previous year’s celebration my questions were later answered. After blood sweat and tears I was determined to find this footage and finish my promo on time.

A few hours later I found out that National Night Out was a celebration to commence the awareness of heightened crime prevention sponsored by the Meridian Police Department. I found that the celebration occurs every year and that it would be occurring this year on August 6th. And finally that McGruff was the infamous crime dog mascot of the Meridian Township Police Department.

I had so many questions with so little time?!?! I couldn’t find footage of McGruff so I problem solved with a still shot of McGruff and enhanced the shot with Motion. What is Motion you ask?? Only my worst enemy. Or I guess it is also known as an editing software used to create graphics from scratch or from templates. So I dragged, dropped, clipped, clicked, cried, laughed, cried a little more, saved, and it was DONE!! I will never forget who McGruff is to say the least!


He floats in beautifully to the shot. It’s quite magical really. If your still with me take a look at the finished product!



About ckrist16

My name is Casey Krist, I am a graduating senior from Michigan State University with a major in Telecommunications Information Studies & Media. I thrive in video production work; editing, directing, producing, and even some acting. I also dabble with graphic design! I love creating something new and initiative. Making people think twice and changing perspectives.
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