Softball vs Mosquitoes

Kudos. Kudos to the softball players, men and women, who brave the elements of Nancy Moore Park to play the game of Softball.

Some of you might be thinking “Why is this guy congratulating people who play softball to go to the bar afterwards?”, but it is about so much more.

This is about the on-going battle between Man and Mosquito

As I stood by my camera, looking like a fool as I constantly swung my arms in every direction in attempts to kill the insufferable insects, the actual players went on with their game as if they weren’t even there. Even their friends sat and watched without any hints of complaining.

So here’s to you, co-ed softball players at Nancy Moore Park. Well played.


(A video will soon accompany this post, but first I must determine why my Youtube account’s relationship with Final Cut Pro is as cohesive as my relationship with mosquitoes.)


About dilworth269

I'm a rising senior at Michigan State University who loves to both talk and watch sports. My goal in life is to become a sports broadcaster. One more thing.. GO GREEN!
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