No Fires on the Bridges!

Azureen Bahri. Azureen Bahri.

It’s not an incredibly common name, but when one of my sources mentioned it to me, it struck me as familiar. I kept repeating it and cross-checking it against my mental Rolodex containing monikers of all the people I’ve met.

Azureen? Bahri?


The beautiful Ms. Bahri

Finally, I connected the syllables with a happy-go-lucky girl that I’d run into several years in a row while reporting/feasting at the MSU Malaysian Food Fest.

Woohoo! I felt like I’d just solved one of Will Shortz’s puzzles.

When Azureen walked in for our interview I thought with a sense of accomplishment, “Girl, I know you!”

And folks, that is why you always need to be a nice human.

Even to the snippy secretary in your doctor’s office, or the insolent insurance agent who denied your claim.

Even to the guy who screams at you in Meijer because you were cutting him in line. Although you were not cutting him in line, he was just letting his psychosis get the best of him (okay, obviously this was a real situation and I’m still a little bitter about it…).

But even him.

You can insult, swear, yell and punch, but you never know when karma will punch you right back for it.

You never know when they might step in front of your camera as an interviewee.

Life lesson brought to you by:


Check out my story about Global Lansing to meet Azureen Bahri yourself!

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