Extreme Makeover: Meridian Senior Center Edition

Last week I had the opportunity to mingle with the stars…of the Meridian Senior Center renovation team. Interior Designer and Owner of Eclectic Solutions invited me to check out her vision for the future look of the center.

Being an interior design enthusiast and avid HGTV viewer, I could not wait to meet and pick the brain of an actual practicing professional! I had a million questions pertaining to my story and two million questions about interior designing.

As I arrived at the Senior Center, a bus was parked in front of the entrance. Members walked down the steps and into the center, eager for lunch, bridge and bingo. As I approached the doors the bus drove off, and all I could think was “move that bus!”

Hoping to be greeted by hardhat wearing Ty Pennington, a sincere salutation from Senior Center Activities Leader, Cherie Wisdom was just as special. She allowed me to set up my interview in the bingo room while waiting for the arrival of Designer Patti Dudley.

When Patti arrived we exchanged a handshake, proceeded into the bingo room and started the interview. She showed me different patterns, carpet, wood and tile samples and told me all about her involvement in the renovations. I was like a kid in a candy store; she let me play with floor plans and furniture samples! I finished up filming and continued to ask her all about design shows.

I was happy to hear she was a fan of some of my favorite shows. She did share that “quick makeover shows” don’t explain that in order to finish a project in a few hours or even days, the redesigned space will have strong paint and renovation related odor. It was as if we played an interior design version of Myth Busters!

I am genuinely looking forward to seeing Extreme Makeover: Meridian Senior CenterEdition, in person!

Check my latest labor of love!



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