The past 5 Mondays it has rained… “Why does this matter?” you may ask. Well I’ll tell you, for the past 5 Mondays I have been trying to shoot my Geocaching promotional video. Apparently all my friends are either flakes or extremely camera shy to the point of no longer replying to my texts asking for help. Only one friend actually has agreed to and tried to help me film this video, but the problem is he is only available on Mondays… It is hard to meet a deadline when it seems that Mother Nature herself is your enemy. I don’t know what I did to make her so passive aggressive towards me but if you’re reading this, MN, I’m sorry! This promo feels even more against me as of yesterday. My plan was to race home from a wedding over the weekend and get my promo done early. However, my plans were again foiled when my car decided to hate me. Turns out it had been leaking oil and that I was running on nothing- it’s apparently lucky it wasn’t leaking on anything important or I could have dealt with a flaming vehicle. After an early morning mechanic stop and hours of waiting I finally had my vehicle back. I managed to make it back to to work on Meridian Magazine, but I definitely missed my chance to film my promo. I guess I’ll just have to try again Monday- but first I’ll check the forecast.

On a sunnier note, I finished my sunburn prevention public service announcement! I had fun getting Darkus to be my actress and uncomfortably apply sunscreen on camera. Image


My next assignment is a Community Connection piece. I am supposed to interview a man who makes his own puppets and puts together his own puppet show. The idea is to make kids aware of recycling- using puppets of course- and get them to start thinking earth consciously. Needless to say this will be an interesting week as I hustle to get my stories done between the puppets and the rain!

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