Now that the internship is in the final weeks I have realized that I spend more time at the station than at my actually house. During the length of this internship I have driven every day from my house in Mt. Pleasant. Yes, it isn’t that far of a drive but when you are getting out late and your starving, it can become hassle. But a lot of people have farther commutes, so I shouldn’t be really complaining. I’ll just consider this practice for the “real world”.

This week was a busy one, but looking back I accomplished a lot. I had a rough beginning of the week; I had no one returning my calls for my story, while already being confused as what to do with my story. Finally, Tuesday night someone called me back for my interview. After I received the call, everything started to fall into place. Thursday, I spent most of my day in the parks of Meridian Township getting eaten alive by mosquitos doing interviews and getting video. I had a great idea for my stand-up in my story but in order for me to do it I had to go searching for the plant garlic mustered. I thought it would be easy to find but man was I wrong. It took me three attempts to find it and on the last attempt I was thankful to be helped by my fellow intern Bryan. I also have to thank him for helping me with my stand up because it looks great and probably has to be my best one ever!
Here is a picture from my many attempts.head in trash

But it took me a while to put my story together but I am really proud of it so take a look!

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