At Least I Still Have My Personality

So I get to Andrew Adam’s house and the first thing he says is “we’re kind of matching. Image

So we took a quick pic.  Then we set up the interview for the Community Connection story about him.

I really should preface this with the fact that I had been to his house the day before…I had already done an interview…but it looked like GARBAGE!

Here’s a screen cap


I set up the shot, made sure the ND filter wasn’t on (that’s what ruined me) and it looked BEAUTIFUL!


Then I got some great shots of Andrew and Ian goofing off in the garage, playing some tunes, “jamming” as those artsy kids call it. Ahh to be young again…

Editing took FOREVER but that was okay because I think it turned out pretty not terrible.  Arguably, quiet good.

This isn’t a PKG so I can editorialize right?

Well, check it out for yourself, but what ever you do, DON’T try and figure out where I covered up the hideous interview. I REPEAT, DO NOT LISTEN FOR IT.

Sorry, he said a lot of great things, I didn’t want any of it to get lost!

**remember, if you’re ever interested in finding out more about me take a look at my tumblr, I think you might enjoy it.

And If we’re promoting, I should include that Andrew’s band is called Wayne Szalinki and they have really good music that you should check out here.

Well I’ll leave you with this adorable selfie of Andrew and I Image

And the link to the story and video again, incase you missed it up there.

(Hint: the link is in the word link, right up there)

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