Pretending to be a Reporter

Funny thing about trying to get interviews, HOW DO REPORTERS DO IT?!

Backstory: This week I was assigned a VOSOTVO, easy enough, get an interview, get some B-Roll, I’ve done that before.

But turns out most people who you want to interview are probably interesting, and therefor probably busy, and therefor need a little more notice than a day or two.  In fact, they’re probably doing something important that someone else is going to want to interview them about later!

So after calling and leaving messages and calling back and leaving messages and asking the same secretaries several times “are they out of their meeting NOW?” I managed to talk to a very nice officer just a building away.

Although I would have loved to talk to someone whose department actually handled the SCRAM tether system that I was doing my story on, I was happy to get a knowledgeable individual to enlighten me (and the viewers) a bit more on the topic.


See, Lieutenant Greg Frenger, what a great guy.

Well I was up for the challenge and ended up learning some pretty interesting stuff about the system, if you wanna learn more you can check out the article I wrote on the topic!  Maybe it’ll fool someone into thinking I’m actually a reporter….

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