Roadkill promo? Sad panda.

I know it isn’t the term that the organization likes to use, but I essentially had to make a promo about what to do if you see a dead animal in the road. I love animals, and I’ve only ever run over an animal once. It was a raccoon when I was 20 and I had to pull over and cry for a few minutes. I know, I know, it’s silly. So when I was assigned this promo I hoped with my entire being that I wouldn’t have to get footage of roadkill. Luckily, there was footage from a previous VOSOT. I went to work on the audio and bam-boom, I now have my fifth promo on the air for HOMTV. 🙂

I cranked this one out! I was very proud of myself.

I also had to visit Cornell Road for the first time on Monday because I was assigned Roll-Ins for the Planning Commission meeting. The discussion item included the destruction of the wetlands with one of the proposals and the Jeffries Drain area, so I needed actual footage of the wetlands instead of just the road. We already have a ton of footage of the road because they’ve been discussing the issues included in repaving it. They finally decided on a compromise on Tuesday at the Township Board meeting, so that will be a great change! I expected Cornell Road to be slightly different. First of all, it is a small road. I expected it to be wider, or at least have any kind of way to pull over to the side of the road. To get my footage, I had to park my car. So I drove down the road (at a much slower speed than 45 miles per hour, I had no idea where I was going!) and looked for my location. After driving up and down the road, I found my location. Now the trouble was finding a place to park…. I didn’t want to block anyone’s driveway by parking in it, so I was forced to maneuver my car onto the grassy area on the side of the road. Not fun. As I set up my equipment, I realized why this road had become such a hot topic of discussion. It is a beautiful road, obviously, but the road definitely needs a repaving. And cars have such limited visibility in places that I personally cannot believe that the speed limit is as high as it is. I almost was run over many times! But I am proud of the shots I ended up getting, which included an AWESOME rack focus. Winning.

Cornell Road definitely deserves the title of Natural Beauty Road.

Until next time,


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