What Kate Wore

Alrighty, Jim’s back again. So, my Community Connection story is done and like every other assignment it was stressful. It’s always a little nerve wracking because you may have talked to them on the phone, but you don’t know what they’re going to be like in person. Especially in their own home, it’s their sanctuary, where they are most at ease and I didn’t want to do anything (intentional or not) to cross a line. I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one who get’s anxious about this type of thing. But, as it turns out, the interview itself turned out to be quite enjoyable as well as informative, not only as far as interview questions, but about a career in television as my subject Susan Kelley has had a long career in broadcast television, so she was very easy to interview having known the procedure. Also, her husband who also worked in television was there and happened to throw in helpful questions to ask when my well had run dry. For those who don’t know, Susan Kelley is the founder and writer of the fashion blog ‘What Kate Wore’. Here, this’ll help –

What Kate Wore

Which is the most visited Kate Middleton blog on the earth! I think that she’s the closest that I’ve ever come to meeting a famous person. Well, I thought I saw Geraldo Rivera once in Iraq, but couldn’t tell for sure and I was once within five feet of Donald Rumsfeld (who was a lot shorter and had a much bigger head than I would’ve thought, had I given it any previous thought)

Outtie, Jim or J-Money

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