Finally Getting Back in the Saddle…

In my first blog post, I included a photo of me with my horse before he died.  I made it almost 11 months before getting back in the saddle, this time for a story I was assigned.  My assignment?  Riding and showing horses in Meridian Township.  Don’t get me wrong, I was super excited for it, but a little nervous since I have never done any reporting.  I actually did a stand up for this one, however, Final Cut decided I shouldn’t have it and failed in the middle of the upload.  I still had the footage of the horse show I had just shot, but the standup on a horse?  Gone.  Long gone.  And I leave for vacation this week.  So, no more stand up on a horse.  It was nice to finally get back on though.  This story definitely forced me to realize just how much I miss riding and that I seriously need to get back in it.

I am proud of this story.  I think it could have been better, but since it was my first one, I’m just glad I was able to have the opportunity to do it!  That said, I am a bit of a perfectionist, so of course I would have liked a few things to be better.  But I was finally back home, around horses and at a horse show (the 2013 Ingham County Fair to be specific) and I loved it.  I guess the big thing is, if you really love something, get back in the saddle and don’t wait forever to do it, otherwise you’ll really miss out on something great.

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