Starring Lou Divizio and the Pizza Box residing on my front porch.

So I get into the station for my shift on Monday and quickly figure out that there aren’t any shows that need to be crewed.  Not being a time waster, I look around and decide that this would be a perfect time to shoot my next assignment!

The thing about this assignment was that it basically just needed a bunch of trash-ahem- recyclables.

It was on the recycling center hours, which actually are pretty convoluted and confusing….probably worth a PSA or news letter or something.

As for the tra-recyclables, I was actually already prepared.  And no, not just because my car is a sty (I share it with my brother, if you knew him you wouldn’t be shocked)

My front porch is actually a popular place for passerbyers to leave pizza boxes, so first thing I did was check there and, sure enough, there was a pizza box, patiently awaiting stardom.


I knew I had just finished a box of cereal so I grabbed that from the pantry, I figured there would be an empty pop can at work, and yes….I knew there was an empty water bottle in the car…


And yes, I did this all on the off chance that I might have some downtime at work.  

So I got in the way of some-well, a lot-of my fellow interns, but I was able to shoot with my two stars and hopefully clarify some questions about the Recycling Center hours of operation.  Take a look and see if you feel better informed!



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