Let’s go to jail!

So, my latest HOMTV project involved getting handcuffed and manhandled by some officers of the law. I know what you’re thinking ‘Jim’s probably violated his parole and is going away for a long time’, but you’d be wrong for a number of reasons. The first and most important reason is that I have no parole to violate so thanks for thinking so low of me! The other reason is that it was for a promo and I was in no real trouble at all.

The promo I did was for Beyond the Badge. I didn’t just want to cut a bunch of clips together from the show like I did for the Meridian Live promo, so I came up with the idea to have two perps/suspects (or whatever they’re called) having a conversation after having been arrested. One would think that they wouldn’t have anything nice to say about their situation, but these two criminals are pleasantly surprised with the work that the Meridian Township Police Department is doing in the community by keeping its streets clean. They like it so much that they think that there should be a show that focuses on the police force’s efforts.

This promo, I thought anyway, was gonna be a little more difficult to accomplish than others I had done because it was dependent on several different people that I had no personal relationships with, as opposed to my Arts and Crafts Marketplace promo which featured a personal friend, a niece and my fiancee. This one however hinged on the willingness of the Meridian Township Police Department to aid a lowly old intern. At first I thought it wasn’t going to go very well because when I spoke to Lieutenant Frenger over the phone he didn’t seem that enthusiastic about the project and we were kind of talking over each other and he just seemed like a real hard charger, but it was a pleasant surprise when I arrived and found him most accommodating and quite easy going. Faith, a fellow intern if you weren’t aware told me that she had a similar experience with Lt. Frenger, confirming that he was in fact a tough guy over the phone, but nice in person.

The rest of the story is pretty boring (as I can imagine the previous part of the story was too), the actual shoot went very smooth and the officer assigned to help us was very helpful and laid back.

Faith played the part of a drug addict and I was a pervert flasher.

Laughing it up, while locked up

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