My Attempt at Maxmimizing the Impact of a Minimum Wage Story

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She works hard for the money

Last week I was asked to create a story on Michigan’s minimum wage. I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely Meridian Township bride-to-be who shared with me her struggles planning her dream wedding on a minimum wage income. This B2B exemplified both resilience and creativity! We skimmed through high-end wedding magazines, sifted through stacks of color samples and lastly discussed cost. I assumed the energy she had put into dreaming up her wedding would be primarily in vain, but much to my surprise she quickly corrected me, and added validity to the old saying(assuming makes an  a** out of you and me). She explained she is planning on replicating the chic wedding looks she desired, by spending her hard earned money on supplies and crafting everything herself. Still slightly skeptical, I was invited into the living room where she created her bouquets from multiple vintage broaches, silk flowers and chiffon accents, I now honestly believe where there is a will there is a way!

 So hard for it honey

My journey didn’t end doting over beautiful wedding decorations, I wanted more information! I wanted to know if it’s even possible to live off of a full time minimum wage job. I stumbled across a blog written by the Michigan League for Public PolicySenior Analyst Peter Ruark about that exact topic and quickly arranged an interview. I learned that although inflation has increased, minimum wage has not, making it hard for full time minimum wage workers to afford basic expenses. Mr. Ruark told me most Michiganders were in favor of raising the state’s minimum wage, but most people means still leaves some people that oppose the raise.

 She works hard for the money

I contacted different businesses in the area, only to realize it was virtually impossible to find someone that was willing to talk about the subject. I had to think outside the box…numerous phone calls, a handful of rejections and a major migraine later, I finally reached Senator Rick Jones. I requested an interview and the only time he had available was in a half hour. AHHH….I jumped in my car, took a minute to ponder why teleportation has not been perfected yet and zoomed to the capitol. I made it, and just in time for the senator to tell me his views on raising minimum wage. He agreed that minimum wage earners work hard for their money, but told me he thought raising their wages would have a negative affect on the economy.

 So you better treat her right

 I now have a new respect for minimum wage workers!

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