Pulling at your heartstrings

As a reporter you have to always remember one thing.  Stay unbiased.  Unless you are writing an op-ed in the New York Times you have to make sure your story is as two-sided as possible.  I struggled with this concept during my last assignment.

Recently, Governor Snyder signed into law a bill that classifies wolves as gaming to hunters.  At the beginning of my research I didn’t feel like I was going to put myself in a position where I actually thought to myself, “this is actually upsetting me.” I interviewed a woman by the name of Jill Fritz who is the Director of the Keeping Michigan Wolves Protected campaign.  Her passion to protect wolves could be felt just by stepping into her office and finding pictures of wolves.

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus), pup looking out from den

Somebody could actually shoot at this?  This is one reason why I never had an interest in hunting.  I could never imagine myself killing an animal.  I’m sure my opinion would change if I was confronted with some beast that was trying to hurt me.

After I put my thoughts aside, I had to realize something.  There’s a reason why hunters do what they do.  I may not be able to do the same thing but I also shouldn’t get upset over it.

Here’s the finished product.  Nevermind the last fifteen seconds.  I had a snafu with technology.  You can also catch it live at 5:30 pm Monday.  I’ll be behind the desk one last time with Brandie for Meridian Magazine.



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