It’s Worth It

It's Worth It

I could write a long, sappy blog telling you how much I enjoyed my time at HOMTV, but as everyone I worked with this Summer can attest to, that’s not me.

Instead, I’ll let all of you know that if you’re interested in broadcast journalism, be it sports, politics, etc., you should go out of your way to apply for an internship at HOMTV.

You’ll get to cover a wide variety of news in the Lansing area, learn the various nuances of the production side of things both in the studio and in the field, and, if you’re lucky, even to get to host your own shows for HOMTV.

You’ll spend a lot of hours at the station trying to perfect your work, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll pull your hair out when seemingly none of your sources get back to you, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll drop your jaw when listening to a lot of the comments made at various township meetings, but it’ll be worth it.

I know it was worth it, because I lived it. For one Summer, HOMTV was essentially my home.

For that, I thank them


About dilworth269

I'm a rising senior at Michigan State University who loves to both talk and watch sports. My goal in life is to become a sports broadcaster. One more thing.. GO GREEN!
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