Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here

Okay, maybe I didn’t start at the bottom. In fact, compared to a lot of students in my film classes freshman year, I was already a few steps ahead of them. My high school had offered a TV Studio program to students which I was lucky to be a part of for three years. They taught me how to correctly work a camera, set up shots and I started editing on Adobe Premiere software. From the start of our first project, everything just ‘clicked.’ I knew what I was doing, and I really liked doing it. My teacher even recognized my talents from the beginning of the semester and referred to me as his own little prodigy. Soon enough, I was in charge of all of our group projects and other students were always asking me for help. From that moment on, I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. No boring desk job where I hate my life for eight hours. I found something that I loved, and I was going to follow my career in it. 

Now I have to admit, a lot of the intro courses as I got into college were pretty boring to me. I already knew how to use a camera and how to edit, so while professors were hung up on giving tutorials to the rest of the class, I just wanted to shoot. While I breezed through all the easy “projects” they wanted us to do, I started doing videos on my own. My friends and I thought it was funny to come up with parodies of songs, and we would make our own lyrics and record them. After we had the audio all put together, we decided that we could make music videos for them as well. And this was where my aspiration to become a rap artist made its big debut! Alright, I’m just kidding, but we did have a lot of fun while we were doing it, and I was still getting better at editing and adding effects.


Back in class, we finally started doing serious projects and my music videos started coming to a close. I still have plenty of fun ideas, including one project that still needs to be edited, and hopefully I can find time in between all my other projects to continue them. But for now, the serious projects have to come first. So far, I’ve helped make a series of short films for classes and had them submitted to film festivals, and I’ve also been a part of MSU Telecasters. The subgroup that I crew for is called Sideshow, which is a sketch comedy series on YouTube where you can watch some of our clips. 

Along with all the different groups I’ve worked with, I’m glad to become a new member of HOMTV. From high school projects and creating music videos for my own entertainment, to serious films being entered in film festivals, I’ve definitely seen myself grow as my knowledge and experience keep expanding. I feel like HOMTV is a great next step to working professionally in this industry. I’m excited to get a taste of how it feels to work in a real TV studio as well as gain more experience along the way. In the end of this internship, I’m hoping to come out with multiple finished projects I can add to my portfolio and use as a reference for future opportunities. Hopefully in the future you’ll find me working with a big TV network in New York City, but until then I’m just going to keep moving up.

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