But not actually…

Something inside me felt that coming back for reorientation would feel different.  That being away for so long would change me, help me realize more about myself and my relationship to HOMTV.

Then I realized I worked a meeting two days earlier.

Things did feel different though, our pictures are higher up on the intern board, some old friends replaced with new ones (awwwwwwwww) and the Intern 4 Mac has been repaired!



I’ve been striving to meet all the interns, I had to leave in a hurry their first day but I hope I’ve been making up for it in the mean time.



Basically things have been great.  I was worried that it would be difficult to come back when I was in school and had more friends around (I was kind of a loner this summer) but it hasn’t been a problem

Also, I got free frozen yogurt while shooting a story!  Yay Homtv!

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