Return to be Better

This summer, I had unforgettable experience at HOMTV. Learned how to manage camera, editing and effect software, audio, as well as knew a lot of new friends. I am so glad to be a part of HOMTV, and I wish I can be a part of other’s memory.

As an international student, finding a job after graduation is a challenging mission. So I treasure every opportunity to equip myself with more skills. HOMTV is a great platform for me to learn, to gain, to grow. These are reasons why I come back this semester.

This semester I’d like to gain more experience in PR works like writing press release and managing social media, as well as improve my english. Yes, improving my English.


Because of language gap, sometimes I look like a quiet and silent guy, actually I am pretty willing to chat with others. Sometimes I cannot follow what you guys talking about, and sometimes maybe I do not have the background knowledge. You guys cannot imagine how much I wish my English can be as good as my Chinese. Anytime I look like taciturn, that’s not because I do not want to communicate, actually I have a lot of thoughts in my mind. Good language skill can also benefit my future career, so please excuse my English at present and chat with me.


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