Delinquents in a Parking Lot

Jim was a great guy, I loved interviewing him!

I told him that we could simply conduct the interview where ever he would be located, and that turned out to be the Okemos High School parking lot.

Of course we would not be allowed to (or want to) enter a building full of high school students, so I set up in the parking lot and conducted the interview.

It was great to hear about not only the Parkinsons foundation’s walk and what Jim did with the walk, but also his personal experiences with Parkinsons and others he has met with the disease.

We wrapped up and continued chatting while I packed up, but that was when a security guard for the school rolled up.


He turned out to be very understanding and explained that he just had to ask what we were doing on the premises.  It turned out he was even planning on participating in the upcoming walk!

We all had a good laugh and Jim praised the security measures the school took to keep the students safe.  He was so enthusiastic and passionate about his work, certainly a great candidate for an interview.

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