So You Want to Know a Little Bit MORE About Darkus Beasley, Eh?

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a lot of things. My mother never told me that I was pretty. Instead, she always told me that I was smart. I grew up with an older brother who had a quiet disposition until he hit his twenties, and now I can’t get him to shut up about science and wonder. Not that I want to. I never want him to quit talking about all of that because it intrigues me too.

Around ten years old I won a speech competition. The topic was “what I want to be when I grow up.” Having been an avid fan of music since before I could walk (my mother says that I would prop myself up against the stereo and swing to and fro with the beat before I ever took my first steps), I of course wrote about how I wanted to be a singer, a dancer, a performing artist of sorts. I remember imitating Jim Carrey and getting a few laughs out of the crowd.

In junior high, I began to study politics. I had an unusual awe of international controversy and the quest for personal freedoms. I suspect that this interest was sparked because my parents were very opinionated folks with a better than decent grasp on political on-goings.

In the years following the start of my political interest, I was admitted to a national forum on law where I and many other fifteen to sixteen year olds battled in mock cases. Upon returning home, I told everyone I knew that I wanted to be a criminal defense attorney. That’s what I kept saying until I was nineteen.

On what was a very bittersweet day back in August of 2005, I made the trek from Mid-Michigan to Chicago to attend Loyola University. It was there that intended on double majoring in philosophy and history. After a year of completing core classes and hating my American history professor, it was my intention to complete a music degree instead.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 2.06.32 AM

I did. Additionally, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Film and Media Studies with an emphasis on film production. I studied abroad, made a short documentary about Normal Rockwell’s son, Peter Rockwell, and met Ron Howard outside of the Pantheon with my professor, filmmaker Richard Martini.

As you may have assumed, there’s plenty of things about my life to be said. Obviously this blog has a lot of gaps that I couldn’t possibly fill without writing a memoir or biography. I guess my point in sharing all of this information with you is because a) I love to write, and b) it all leads up to where I am now. I’m at HOMTV. I’ve been here for over a year now.

I also recently got a job at a news station in Lansing, MI as a photographer/editor. I enjoy my job. It has a lot to do with what I went to school for and I’m thrilled to be one of the few people I know to have a job in a field relative to my degree. My aim is higher, though. When I’ll take my next step isn’t clear, but I’m sure I’ll write a blog about that when it comes time to do so.

Until then, have a good night, don’t drink too much, drive safe, stay warm, enjoy the sunshine, take it easy, don’t work too hard, see you later, don’t get arrested…and everything else that may or may not get said upon parting ways.

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