Out of the Pumpkin Patch and into my Heart: The Tale of Leonard

Me and Leonard

Me and Leonard

This week, I made a new friend; in fact, he is the star of my first promo at HOMTV. Round, orange, and in danger of rotting away, he is the most carry-around-in-the-crook-of-my-arm-friendly, edible-yummy-in-my-tummy, and bio-degradable-good-for-the-environment friend I’ve ever had. And I think we have already become joined at the hip.

From the moment I picked up little Leonard from Wal-Mart, paying a worthwhile $3.79 for him, to the instant he sat on top of a Meridian police car beaming with glorious joy, I knew he had found a place in my heart. At the Meridian farmer’s market, he patiently sat as I filmed him amidst the other vegetables, knowing he was my favorite even when I turned my attention on Samantha, a cuddly Australian-German shepherd. While I moved around the set in HOMTV’s studio, trying to get the lighting and placement of the props just right, Leonard watched faithfully on, not offering to help only because he has no hands (but I love him for it). And as I sat in the intern room editing my promotion, Leonard relaxed in a chair, smiling the whole while and was probably the most content pumpkin I have ever seen.

Yes, we are now best friends.

However, as my promotion is now finished, I begin to wonder what is to become of Leonard? Because as time passes and he grows squishier, I realize I must face the truth: Leonard is a rotting time bomb and eventually, he shall have to meet the dumpster outside my apartment. Part of me wonders if I should carve him; part of me thinks his seeds would be delicious covered in garlic and baked in the oven. Even with such morbid and disturbing thoughts, I can’t help remember all of the memories we now share (he has even met my roommate and sits in a certain spot on one of our shelves)! I feel as though Leonard is a part of me now, but I know I will have to face the truth eventually. He was the star of my Meridian Celebrates Halloween promo and will forever be the star of my heart.

Here’s to Leonard, the most beloved and faithful pumpkin in the world! You did good, kid!

…now, I think I’m going to bake some pumpkin seeds…

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