The Depths of Meridian Township

Fun Fact: In Meridian Township, there are some zones where you can raise poultry and other small animals!

Less Fun Fact: Apparently this can, if not monitored correctly, impede on other citizen’s standards of living.

Don’t worry though, the Township Board and Planning Commission are on it!

Going back to Fun stuff, I had to find out information and get footage pertaining to this story.

Information was easy enough to come by, but the footage…that took me deep into Meridian Township.

Which of course is GREAT.

But also a lot of country!

I decided to go checkout a Barn the Bryan (staff Bryan, not intern Bryan) told me about.  It was on Van Atta Rd.

Where’s Van Atta Rd. you might ask?

I wasn’t sure, thought I’d wing it, I didn’t get too lost so…win?

It was a dirt road so I went slow, found the barn, and got my camera out.

Then a car passed by.

I set everything up, didn’t take long.

A couple of cars passed by.

Started getting some shots of the barn, and cars kept passing!

Why was this dirt road so busy?!?!

I don’t think I’ll ever know.

Another unsolved mystery of Meridian Township.  Yikes.

Good news is, you can find out more about that poultry and small animal ordinance this Monday at 5:30 PM on Meridian Magazine or right here!

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